For many years I have tossed around the idea of publishing a joke book. I figure now is the time to give it a go.

But here's the thing.....

I need your help. I haven't heard all the jokes out there, and I want the best jokes (nobody wants to read a lame joke book do they?).

In today's society there is always someone that gets offended, so I'm taking the safe route..... a disclaimer! That's right, nothing is off limits, you may send me what you like and I promise not to get too offended! I do have moral limits, so of course I reserve the right to the final say of what goes into the book.

Now here's the best bit!!

Nobody really knows who wrote most jokes, they seem to just go around. But I will credit you with "collecting" a joke if I decide it is worthy. But if you can prove you wrote a joke I use, then I'll credit you with too!!


Send your jokes to

Thanks Friends, hope to hear from you soon!!